Monday, April 23, 2012

All About Eva

I must admit, I had absolutely no idea who Eva Lynd was until I happened across this article in the blog Men’s Pulp Mags. But I’ve apparently seen her many times without realizing it.

As the pseudonymous Subtropic Bob explains,
[B]eautiful, blonde Eva Lynd ... was a favorite female model of Norm Eastman, the illustration artist who created many of the most iconic, most popular and most notorious cover paintings for the subgenre of men’s adventure periodicals commonly called “sweat magazines.”

In many Eastman cover paintings, Eva was the model for one of the gorgeous damsels in distress who are bound and tortured by sadistic Nazis, Commies or some other evil fiends.
Bob has put together a collection of photos of Lynd, plus some captivating examples of magazine cover illustrations in which she appeared. See them all in a two-part feature, here and here.

READ MORE:Eva Lynd ... Illustration Art Model, Glamour Photo Model, Actress, and More ...,” by Robert Deis, aka Subtropic Bob (Men’s Pulp Mags).

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