Monday, April 9, 2012

Hill Climbing

I’ve written before on this page about the talents of artist James Hill. So I was pleased to see Leif Peng, of Today’s Inspiration, ring that same positive note. In a recent post collecting some of Hill’s early magazine and book illustration, Peng quotes Gary Taxali, “one of James Hill’s students when he taught at the Ontario College of Art & Design 25 years ago,” as saying:
The absolutely amazing thing about the man was watching him paint. Every stroke was made in the kingdom of Heaven. His brushwork was flawless and watching inspired me to “draw” with a paintbrush. I wonder how many people today can paint, I mean REALLY paint, even close to that level. He was simply the most underrated, and talented, illustrator in our country's history.
You’ll find the complete post here.

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