Monday, April 23, 2012

Back in Action

Several times during my years of blogging I’ve rolled my eyes in print at the ridiculousness of “sanitizing” book-jacket art. And I was all ready to launch into another tirade today after spotting the twin covers displayed above.

However, this 1966 edition of De Dame en de Demon, written by Stanley West (and found here), was published in The Netherlands, and it has been my experience that the Dutch don’t indulge in priggishness to the same degree as Americans. So perhaps this re-editing is less about covering up than creating a somewhat fresh front out the artwork originally created for the 1962 Signet edition of Angel!, the ninth installment of Carter Brown’s series featuring Southern California homicide cop Al Wheeler.

By the way, the artwork on both of these covers is by Robert McGinnis, who created yet another lascivious illustration for the 1968 Signet edition of Angel!

Click on either cover for an enlargement.

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