Monday, September 3, 2018

Seaside Escapism

After posting my recent update of summer-themed book fronts, I thought I was done with the subject. At least for the next year. But just today I happened across two splendid versions of another work drawn from that same line: Girl on the Beach, by George Sumner Albee. The cover displayed below and the on the left comes from the 1953 Dell paperback release of Albee’s yarn, which I believe was the novel’s true first edition. The illustration fronting that book was painted by Carl Bobertz. Meanwhile, the softcover on the right was published by Dell in 1959 and features art by Mitchell Hooks.

Click on either image to open an enlargement.

1 comment:

Rick Robinson said...

One look at the face of the guy on the Bobertz cover and you know exactly what he want from the shy girl.