Tuesday, August 21, 2018

A Last Blast of Summer Delights

It seems there’s no end to the number of interesting, provocative, and downright amusing book fronts boasting a summertime or at least a beach theme. In June 2009, I posted in this blog a selection of more than two dozen such covers. Three years ago, I added significantly to that collection, bringing the total number of images up to 91. Today, I have 39 more to present, most of them suggesting that this season of sun is also a ripe season for sin.

Among the artists represented in this adjunct gallery are Robert McGinnis (The Limbo Touch, Dark Fury, and the recently talked-about Deadly Welcome), Robert Bonfils (Mix ’n’ Match Mates, Surfside Sex, Sex Is Like Money), Paul Rader (Blanket Party/Sultry Summer, Island of Sin), Glen Orbik (Scratch One), Fred Fixler (Two Way Beach Girl), Robert Maguire (Love Under Capricorn, Ah King), James Meese (The Dangerous One), Harry Schaare (Jungle Heat), Bill Edwards (Youth Against Obscenity), Robert Heindel (The Beach House), Mitchell Hooks (Hot Winds of Summer), Victor Olson (The Harem, Summer Set/Available), Michael Codd (The Last Night of Summer), and Richard Powers (Summer in Salandar).

Click on any of the covers here to open an enlargement.

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