Friday, October 28, 2016

Rader Love: “Flight into Sin,” “Trouble-Maker”

Part of a month-long celebration of artist Paul Rader’s work.

Since we’re nearing the end of Killer Covers’ Rader tribute, and because this is Friday, I have decided it’s two-fer bonus day! First up: Flight into Sin, by Mike Sinner (Midwood, 1962). As the blog Pulp International explains, author Skinner “is a bit of a mystery, but we know he was credited with other books in a similar vein for Midwood, such as So Wild, The Undoing of Jenny, and The Passionate Virgin, and he seems also to have written Blondes Don’t Give a Damn as Michael Skinner for Kozy Books.”

Second: Trouble-Maker, by Russell Trainer (Midwood, 1965). This 156-page novel featuring student-teacher sex and lesbian love was concocted by the same author who gave the reading world a controversial, pseudo-psychological work titled The Lolita Complex, released in the same year as Trouble-Maker.


Jerry House said...

"Andrea discovers anti-gravity cloth! News at eleven."

Richard Robinson said...

That girl needs to get her shoe off of that Corvette!

Thanks again for the month-long tribute.