Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Another Look: “Miss Pym Disposes”

Warning: Artistic inspiration drawn from book titles may vary.

Left: Miss Pym Disposes, by “Josephine Tey,” aka Elizabeth Mackintosh (Pan, 1957), with a cover by new-to-me vintage artist S.R. Boldero. Right: Miss Pym Investigates (Pan, 1960); cover illustration by Sam “Peff” Peffer. Scottish author Tey (1896-1952) may be most fondly remembered for her half-dozen novels featuring Inspector Alan Grant (The Man in the Queue), but her two standalone mysteries—this one (originally published in 1946), and Brat Farrar (1949)—are no less deserving of attention.

READ MORE:Decades After Her Death, Mystery Still Surrounds Crime Novelist Josephine Tey,” by Francis Wheen (Vanity Fair).

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