Thursday, November 24, 2022

Happy Turkey Day, Everybody!

Super-Detective, February 1942. Cover art by Hugh Joseph Ward.

As I understand it, the pulp magazine Super-Detective began in the 1930s as Super-Detective Stories, but failed after only 15 issues. It was revived in October 1940, with each edition containing “a book-length novel” about Jim Anthony. The Thrilling Detective Web Site’s Kevin Burton Smith describes Anthony as “part super-hero and part super-detective,” whose “gadget-filled exploits full of derring-do and buxom damsels in distress appeared off and on until his last story in October 1943.” The Anthony yarns were credited to “John Grange,” but that was only a house name under which authors such as Victor Rousseau, Robert Leslie Bellem, and W.T. Ballard wrote.

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