Friday, January 10, 2020

Three More for the Bennett Files

Most readers of this blog probably already know what a fan I am of painter and paperback cover artist Harry Bennett (1919-2012). It was just two years ago that I produced a months-long tribute to Bennett’s work. And ever since, I have kept my eyes peeled for additional examples of his artistry. Just this week, I found three.

Embedded atop this post is his cover for the 1975 Fawcett Crest paperback edition of These Cliffs Are Dangerous, a “sophisticated Gothic” novel attributed to “Lindsay March,” which the back-cover copy says is “the pseudonym of a famous Fawcett author.” (I haven’t yet learned her real name by searching the Web, but perhaps one of Killer Covers’ readers knows that info.) You can see Bennett’s signature in this book front’s lower right-hand corner.

Below and on the left is Bennett’s distinctly different illustration for Beyond Time (Pocket, 1975), a collection of science-fiction short stories edited by Sandra Ley. Beside it is his front for The Children at the Gate, by Lynne Reid Banks (Pocket, 1969). These latter two images were provided to the Today’s Inspiration Group Facebook page by Bennett’s youngest son, Tom.

My quest for more of Harry Bennett’s artwork continues!


Todd Mason said...

Have his cover for INFERNO by Niven and Pournelle yet?

What clinched my reading it as a youth was Robert Bloch's back-cover blurb: "One hell of a book!"

Todd Mason said...

The knees in the sf anthology cover reminded me immediately of the INFERNO painting...r remarkable career.

I saw, when my computer finally managed to download all the images, that you did have the riff on Dante cover, though the ISFDB image includes the painting's bleed into the paperback's spine.

Tom Bennett said...

Thank you for the ongoing tribute to my father and his work. I am grateful to his fans.

Tom Bennett