Tuesday, May 2, 2017

McGinnis Lands on the Runway

Brett Halliday’s Never Kill a Client and Murder and the Married Virgin (both from Dell, 1963); artwork by Robert McGinnis.

From Vogue magazine:
Miuccia Prada is known for pulling together disparate references, and her Fall 2017 collection did not disappoint on that front. Among the looks on her runway in Milan tonight were a series of prints pulled from paperback novels of the ’60s, drawn by renowned illustrator Robert E. McGinnis. Looks 30 to 34 featured McGinnis’s depictions of bombshells in various states of alluring undress, each featured on the covers of mid-century books by Brett Halliday (and one by Erle Stanley Gardner) with salacious titles like Murder and the Married Virgin and Never Kill a Client. Titillating! McGinnis’s artwork was also featured in Prada’s set this season, with some of his famous works collaged in the Via Fogazzaro show space alongside modern photography and maps.
(Hat tip to Art Scott.)

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Art Taylor said...

That cover for Never Kill a Client.... Whew! Top-notch. Killer indeed.