Thursday, July 7, 2016

Duped: McGinnis Sure Gets Around

The latest installment in Killer Covers’ “haven’t we seen this front someplace before?” series. Previous entries are here.

In a post yesterday, the must-watch paperback/magazine-art blog Pulp Covers: The Best of the Worst presented the front (above) from the October 1964 issue of Bluebook, which featured what I presume was an excerpt from Ian Fleming’s 1963 travelogue, Thrilling Cities. Under that image, editors noted, “This looks a lot like a McGinnis cover,” referring to the now 90-year-old artist, Robert McGinnis.

Well, the resemblance is more than coincidental. The cover painting of a blonde in a lavender or pink dress, reclining across the chest of a dark-haired male, originally fronted the 1962 Paperback Library edition of Night Without Sleep (1950), by New York City-born screenwriter and author Elick Moll (1901-1988). That novel—about a composer who awakens from a drunken stupor one morning, fearful that he’d murdered a woman during the previous night—was adapted by Moll and Frank Partos into a 1952 film noir of the same name, starring Gary Merrill, Linda Darnell, and Hildegarde Neff. And McGinnis did, indeed, provide the illustration for the novel’s 1962 paperback release, shown below. Good catch, guys!

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