Thursday, April 14, 2016

Stirnweis Show and Tell

The entrancing, multiple-image front above comes from the 1967 Ballantine paperback edition of The Anti-Death League, a more-or-less intellectual thriller by Kingsley Amis. The painting is credited to by Shannon Stirnweis, a Portland, Oregon-born artist who worked for many years as a magazine, book, and advertising illustrator. Stirnweis is the subject of a several-part interview with Ontario artist and graphic arts instructor Leif Peng, who blogs at Today’s Inspiration. Click here to catch up with their full exchange and see many additional examples of Stirnweis’ work.

Below is another of my favorite Stirnweis creations—his painting for the April 1966 issue of Adventure magazine.

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Robert Deis (aka "SubtropicBob") said...

Very cool! And Leif Peng's interview with Stirnweis is great.