Saturday, February 20, 2016

For a Few Covers More

Oh, what the heck. I so enjoyed putting together that last group of five vintage paperback book fronts—my way of celebrating Killer Covers’ first 500 posts—that I decided to offer up five more fabulous façades. You can go ahead and thank me later.

The Strange Bedfellow, by Evelyn Berckman (Dell, 1958).
Illustration by James Hill.

The List of Adrian Messenger, by Philip MacDonald (Bantam, 1969). Illustration by Mitchell Hooks.

Crack in the Mirror, by Marcel Haedrich (Dell, 1960).
Illustration by Tom Miller.

The Long Ride, by James McKimmey (Dell, 1961).
Illustration by Robert K. Abbett.

Half Girl, Half Woman, by John Furlough (Beacon, 1962).
Illustration by Clement Micarelli.

1 comment:

Cheater Aalborg said...

"You can go ahead and thank me later."

I'll thank you now. I am heading for the local, rural WalMart, where the parking lot abounds with the good, the bad, and the camouflage-dressed walking dead with the listless eyes. -- Cheater