Wednesday, October 28, 2015

River of No Return

Since I recently highlighted a post in Noah Stewart’s blog, focusing on what he thinks have been the worst Agatha Christie paperback covers ever produced, it seems only fair to also mention this post, in which Stewart showcases a collection of his favorite Christie fronts. My personal preference from among this new bunch is the cover of Death on the Nile, though I wish Stewart had provided a larger image of that front. This scan is bigger, but still not very clear.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link! I agree the line between the ones I liked and the ones I disliked is a very thin one ... I also wish I had a larger scan of the Death on the Nile scan we both liked. My copy is buried in a box somewhere and I just scooped the image from the net.
I'll be showcasing cover art and paperback imagery from time to time over the next year in connection with my fellow Tuesday Night Bloggers, so look for Ellery Queen in a few weeks. Perhaps I'll just combine the best and the worst into a single post and let the reader pick!