Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Finds: “Cruise to the Sun”

Another in our growing line of vintage book covers we love.

Cruise to the Sun (Dell, 1962), by Robert Carroll.
Illustration by Howard Terpning.

“Robert Carroll” was a pseudonym used by American film reviewer Hollis Alpert (1916-2007). In addition to penning biographies of show-business figures, books of movie criticism, and even a golf-humor work (How to Play Double Bogey Golf: The Art of Being Bad at a Great Game, 1975), Alpert published several novels. Some, such as The Summer Lovers (1958) and The People Eaters (1971), were brought out under his real byline, but others, including Champagne at Dawn (1961) and A Disappearance (1975), were--like Cruise to the Sun--released under the Carroll nom de plume.

READ MORE:The World of Hollis Alpert,” by Philip K. Jason (Phil Jason’s Web Site).

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