Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Cruisin’ the Blogosphere

• It’s difficult not to notice a book that boasts this cover teaser: “A brutal, hard-hitting exposé of men and women obsessed by thrill drugs and uncontrollable passions.” Besides, the front of A Taste of H (1966), though uncredited, is pretty much a grabber.

• The International Crime Fiction Research Group hosts a fine and diverse selection of Edgar Wallace’s thrillers on its blog page.

• I received this link to a page of pulpish book-cover mock-ups from Randal S. Brandt, a librarian at the University of California, Berkeley’s Bancroft Library. He wrote: “The designs are a little word-heavy for my taste, but if they were real, I’d need them all! The artist [Katie Gilmartin] is the author of the recent (and illustrated) Blackmail, My Love, published by Cleis Press.”

• And I’ve never before seen this collection of crime novels “published in France by Rome-based Editions ERP during the early 1960s.” But I do recognize at least one theft of artwork. The front from the book here titled La mort s’est arrêtêe à Juba looks remarkably like the 1959 cover of Day Keene’s Too Hot to Hold, with art by Robert McGinnis. I’m just saying …

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