Monday, December 1, 2014

Short Subjects

• It’s always interesting to see what different artists will do, when assigned to come up with covers for the same book. Here you’ll find three treatments for the front of Macamba, Lilla Van Saher’s novel (first published in 1949) about “a group of characters in Curaçao, and how one in particular struggles to deal with his biracial background as he grows to manhood.” Dance must be a chief feature of the book, because the illustrators all used it as a theme for their work.

• I have no memory of Del Rey Books’ three-volume cycle of Star Wars universe novels, published during the early 1980s and starring the character Lando Calrissian (played on-screen by Billy Dee Williams). Fortunately, Christopher Mills resurrects those paperbacks in Space: 1970. The cover paintings are by Williams Schmidt.

What a splendid novel façade by Harry Schaare!

This is beautiful horror-fiction artwork by Rowena Morrill.

• And Flavorwire collects two dozen covers from Jack London novels, all featuring wolves (with good reason, of course).

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