Sunday, January 23, 2011

Not Exactly a Ringing Endorsement

Generally speaking, when a publisher goes hunting for recommendations to highlight on its book jackets, the quotes sought are at least somewhat more enthusiastic than this one that appeared on the 1959 Ace Double mystery paperback edition of Harry Whittington’s Play for Keeps (the full hardcover edition of which was released by Abelard Schuman two years before).

By the way, the novel on the flip side of Ace’s Play for Keeps was The Corpse Without a Country, by Louis Trimble (1917-1988).


Reviews Of Unusual Size! said...

Good post! hahaha

Deeply Dapper

Jared said...

I have a copy of this book & love showing it off, precisely because of the lackluster blurb. It cracks me up. Couldn't they have picked up a quote from... anyone?!