Friday, August 23, 2019

Another Look: Déjà View

Warning: Artistic inspiration drawn from book titles may vary.

Left: The World of Suzie Wong, by Richard Mason (Signet, 1958); cover art by James Avati. Right: The World of Suzie Wong, by Richard Mason (Signet, 1960); cover illustration by James Avati.

Left: The Bamboo Bomb, by “James Dark,” aka J.E. MacDonnell (Signet, 1965), the second book in the Mark Hood spy series; cover art by Barye Phillips. Right: The Bamboo Bomb, by J.E. MacDonnell (Horowitz, 1965). The artist who created the cover for this Australian edition isn’t known, but he/she was obviously influenced by Avati’s second Suzie Wong front.

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Graham said...

As someone who's collected some of J.E. MacDonnell's naval fiction, I can say that I'm not sure Horowitz ever credited their cover artists. I even have one of the few J.E. MacDonnell novels Horowitz released in hardback (Breaking Point, 1979) and there's nothing about the artist on the cover or the copyright page.