Sunday, April 21, 2019

Happy Easter, Everyone!

The Easter Egg Hunt, by Hillyer “Speed” Lamkin (Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1954). From The Neglected Books Page: “Although labeled a Hollywood novel, the book is, to be more precise, a novel of Beverly Hills. The distinction is subtle but important. A Hollywood novel is, in some way or another, about the business of movie-making and the people involved in it. Beverly Hills, on the other hand, while populated by many in the entertainment business, is first and foremost a town of the rich—or, as Lamkin describes it, [a] small ‘wealthy city, two thirds suburb, one third resort.’ The Easter Egg Hunt is more about lives lived around expensive homes, poolsides, and nightclubs than about directors, actors, and producers.” Jacket design by John Banting.

This, Lamkin’s second novel (after Tiger in the Garden, 1950), was reprinted in 1955 by Popular Library under a different title, Fast and Loose. The cover art below is by Rafael de Soto.

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Shaun Osborne said...

Happy Easter back at ya. Lovely cover to Fast and Loose.