Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The Twelve Dames of Christmas, 2018: #2

Celebrating this festive season with brassy bombshells.

When Dames Get Tough: With Scarred Faces & Other Rarities, by “Hank Janson,” aka Stephen Daniel Frances (Telos, 2017). This volume collects three novellas starring a Chicago-based newspaperman-cum-detective who was also named Hank Janson. Illustration by Reginald Heade.

Janson (the pseudonym under which the prolific Frances, as well as several subsequent writers, published) seemed to be very fond of using the term “dame” in book titles. When Dames Get Tough was originally released in 1946 by British publisher Ward & Hitchon. It was followed by This Dame Dies Soon (1951), Hell of a Dame (1960—shown below, with uncredited artwork), and Destination Dames (1961).

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