Thursday, April 12, 2018

Conditions of Departure

New Jersey journalist-turned-author Wallace Stroby put up a post in his blog yesterday, sharing some of the favorable comments he’s already received about his seventh novel, Some Die Nameless, which isn’t due out from Mulholland until July. While reading that piece, I kept thinking the title of Stroby’s thriller sounded familiar. A quick check through my scans of vintage paperbacks reveals why.

(Left to right) Some Die Hard, by “Nick Quarry,” aka Marvin H. Albert (Gold Medal, 1964), with a cover illustration by Raymond Johnson; and Some Die Running, by “Norman Daniels,” aka Norman Arthur Danberg (Avon, 1960), with façade art by Milo.

Some Die Young, by James Duff (Graphic, 1956), featuring artwork by Roy Lance; and Some Die Slow, by William Herber (Bantam, 1953), with a cover painting by Mitchell Hooks.

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