Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

After posting my most recent “Two-fer Tuesdays” feature, which included Will Cook’s 1959 racing-themed novel, We Burn Like Fire, I realized I had several other examples of speedway fiction in my book-cover files. Being the generous sort, allow me to share my three favorites. The artists responsible for these are not identified.

The Young Racers, by Harold Calin (Lancer, 1963). The novel’s story was evidently rooted in the script for Roger Corman’s film of the same name. You’ll find the back cover here.

Love Me Quick, by Wayne Hunter (Beacon, 1964)

The Speed Set, by S.R. Fontaine (Midwood, 1966). You can enjoy a gander at the back cover by clicking here.

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Art Taylor said...

I should stop following your blog–-I always find myself wanting all these books!!! (But I'll keep following, of course--always great stuff to enjoy.)