Thursday, November 10, 2016

When Rage Rules

Not surprisingly—given the frightening results of this week’s U.S. presidential election, marking the rise of this man—I was reminded of the book cover featured above. It comes from the 1950 Bantam edition of Theodore Strauss’ The Haters, a novel published originally in 1937 as Night at Hogwallow. According to a brief plot description on the AbeBooks site, this is “a searing story of dark, boiling hate and a town that cared more for blood than justice—the gut-gripping story of a man who dared to help an accused black man in the South. The charge was rape. The girl was white.” Night at Hogwallow was one of at least two novels Strauss penned; the other was Moonrise (1946), which was adapted as a film three years later.

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