Monday, October 17, 2016

Rader Love: “Over-Exposed”

Part of a month-long celebration of artist Paul Rader’s work.

Over-Exposed, by “Jason Hytes,” aka John Plunkett (Midwood, 1962). According to Rader authority Lynn Monroe, Plunkett was once an editor for Midwood, working under founder-publisher Harry Shorten. Because he came from the Jackson Heights neighborhood of New York City’s Queens borough, Plunkett adopted as his pseudonym Jason Hytes. In addition to his work wielding an editor’s red pencil, he turned out a variety of books for Midwood, beginning with This Girl (1961, which also features a Paul Rader front) and continuing on to Sex Before Six (1962), Wait Your Turn (1962), The Doctor and the Dyke (1962), and This Is Elaine (1963). Over-Exposed—featuring one of my favorite Rader fronts—is a story about beautiful women, hidden cameras, and blackmail. You can read the back-jacket copy here.

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