Monday, March 21, 2016

Women Rule: “The Savage”

Since men were the principal purchasers of crime novels during America’s mid- to late-20th century paperback-publishing heyday, the artists then contributing work to those volumes were not shy about displaying the female form in their illustrations—in all (legally permissible) states of dress and undress.

Killer Covers draws most frequently from that era’s creative output, so there’s never been a shortage of women featured on this page either. But with President Barack Obama having recently continued the tradition of declaring March to be Women’s History Month in the United States, I’ve decided that a special effort should be made to showcase book fronts that exhibit damsels in distress, sexy sweethearts, lascivious lasses, fearsome femmes fatales, and downright brash “dames.” From now until April Fool’s Day, you can expect every day at Killer Covers to offer up a new distaff delight.

Let’s begin with the 1959 Permabooks edition of The Savage, by Noel Clad, including cover art by the great Harry Bennett.


Rick Robinson said...

Innocence betrayed might be another theme, from teens in the city to girls on the farm.And of course there is the ever-popular older dominating woman with the young man in her (sometimes literal) grasp.

J. Kingston Pierce said...

Good ideas, Rick. Thanks!