Wednesday, February 3, 2016

McGinnis at 90: Fire Up the Candles!

It seems like only yesterday that we last celebrated the decades-long career of American artist Robert McGinnis, who is best known for his eye-catching, frequently sexy paperback cover illustrations, but also for his iconic film posters. However, it was actually way back in October 2014 that we mounted a month-long celebration of McGinnis’ efforts in association with the release, by Titan Books, of The Art of Robert E. McGinnis, a beautiful study of his work.

We have a different reason today to cheer this painter’s abundant talents: it’s his 90th birthday! And what better way to commemorate that milestone than by revisiting some of his finest book fronts? So at the top of the hour, for each of the next nine hours, you can expect to find posted here another of our favorite McGinnis paperback façades—one for each decade of his life thus far.

Let’s begin now with a captivating cover he produced for Stranger in Town, by Brett Halliday (Dell, 1961).

(Thanks to Art Scott for reminding us of this special occasion.)

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Karl-Erik Lindkvist said...

To celebrate McGinnis birthday asked my friend comic book artist Bill Galvan to do an interpretation of a paperback cover in the McGinnis style featuring the girls of Archie Comics: Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge and Cheryl Blossom. To say that I am pleased with the result is a big understatement.
View it here