Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Season for Love, by Whitman Chambers (Monarch, 1959).
Illustration by Robert Maguire.

READ MORE:Nothing But Lip Service,” by J. Kingston Pierce
(Killer Covers).

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Cheater Aalborg said...

Damn, JKP, you sure come up with cool stuff! Your Valentines Day covers. I came within an R C hair of getting my old man to comment himself, he of the aloof writer-trapped in a garret style. "Old" man via he still has his teenage falling-apart copy of "Kiss me Deadly". His reverent tone when remembering his boyhood dime novel days, "I, the Jury" et al, and speaking of Mickey Spillane as shaping his world. Evolution rules, however, and it's a personal 9MM for him now.
-- Cheater