Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Best Face Forward

Perhaps you haven’t noticed them yet, but The Rap Sheet’s 20 nominees for “best crime novel cover of 2014” were posted earlier today. You can take a cruise through the gallery here.

I spent the last 12 months gathering possible contenders for this annual competition. To those, I recently added suggestions from Rap Sheet readers, and then cut the list in half (a painful process, believe me). The finalists this year include book fronts produced on both sides of the Atlantic, boasting a wide variety of designs--from covers that emphasize creative uses of type to others on which moody photographs or illustrations are central. Although I have my favorites among the bunch, I think any of them is qualified to win.

But you be the final judge. Click here and choose as many covers as you think are deserving of praise. Voting will remain open until midnight on Sunday, December 21, after which the results will be tallied and announced in The Rap Sheet.

What are you waiting for? Cast your ballot now!

UPDATE: The top six winners of The Rap Sheet’s 2014 Best Crime Fiction Covers contest were announced on December 30.

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