Friday, October 17, 2014

Month of McGinnis: “If the Shoe Fits”

Part of a month-long celebration of Robert McGinnis’ book covers.

If the Shoe Fits, by Lee Roberts, aka Robert Martin (Crest, 1960).

When he supplied me recently with a scan of If the Shoe Fits, Art Scott, co-author of the forthcoming work The Art of Robert E. McGinnis (Titan), also sent along this note: “Years go, when putting together The Paperback Covers of Robert McGinnis [2001], Paul Langmuir (that book’s publisher and designer) and I noticed a gimmick that McGinnis often used. This is the first time he used it (1960); whether it was suggested by the book’s title, I have no idea. We called it the One Shoe Off gimmick (or motif, if you prefer). There are at least 24 One Shoe paperback covers, and it turns up in his magazine pieces, posters, and gallery nudes as well. You have already (unconsciously, I assume) selected two for the Month of McGinnis tribute [look for those here and here]. And of course the painting on the jacket of the new book (from Robert Kyle’s Kill Now, Pay Later) is another one.”

Without turning (too) obsessive about it, I managed to dig up another eight examples of this One Shoe Off motif from my collection of McGinnis book scans:

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