Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween, Everyone!

“The Lady Is a Witch,” by Norman A. Daniels, in Startling Stories, March 1950. Illustration by Earle Bergey.

Witch of the White House, by Jane Hammond (1977).
Illustration by Tony Masero.

The Witch Finder, by Thomas L. O’Brien (1959).
Illustration by Mitchell Hooks.

Water Witch, by Bowie Morton (1962).

The Witch of Spring, by William Shore (1951). Illustration by Ernest Chiriacka, aka “Darcy.”

READ MORE:Carter Brown’s Sexy Witches” (Sexy Witch); “Five Famous Witches in Literature” (The Book Haven).


Anonymous said...

I loved these covers! Where can we get those books too? Kimberly.

J. Kingston Pierce said...

You might try these two used-book Web sites:


Powell's Books

Best of luck in finding copies!