Tuesday, March 1, 2011

They Don’t Make Mags Like They Used To

If somebody had told me back when I was a boy that I would one day wish I could’ve been born much earlier in the 20th century than I was, just so I’d have had the opportunity to purchase and collect men’s adventure magazines in their skin-and-sin heyday, I would undoubtedly have scoffed at the suggestion.

But some of the illustrated features from those publications, revisited recently in the blogs Retrospace and Men’s Pulp Mags, certainly make me wish I could pick up the issues from my local newsstand and read through them. Even though many of the stories were pretty outrageous--as is evident from their headlines.

Anybody have a time machine handy?


Amanda said...

I could use a time machine, too. That's one fun illustration.

Duane Spurlock said...

Is that by Mort Kunstler?

J. Kingston Pierce said...

Hey, Duane:

I don't see an artist's credit anywhere on the illustration, but it certainly looks like Kunstler's style. Maybe some other reader has a definitive answer to this question.


Matt Bradshaw said...

Ever since I learned about this type of magazine I've been fascinated by the fact that these were once openly available on newsstands all across the U.S. I've purchased a few on Ebay, and the ones I've seen aren't nearly as racy as the covers and headlines would lead you to believe, but the themes alone would keep them out of broad circulation today.