Sunday, February 20, 2011

Take Another Look, Tough Guy

Here’s another page worth adding to your list of blogs to check periodically: Rosa Is for Romance. If that title suggests a greater attention to heaving bosoms and pronouncements of passion than it does to pistol play and mystery-solving, well, it’s true that Italian blogger Elisa Rolle features her fair share of posts about authors and artists contributing to the field of romance fiction.

But in a continuing series of “Behind the Covers” items, she also highlights the work of some prominent cover illustrators in the crime, mystery, and thriller category. People such as Denis McLoughlin, George Gross, James Avati, Mitchell Hooks, Robert Maguire, Gerald Gregg, Rafael de Soto, Norman Saunders, Reginald Heade, Robert Bonfils, Rudolph Belarski, and Glen Orbik.

Just one word of warning: Rose Is for Romance is art-heavy, especially the lengthy opening page, so it might be a tough load for slower and older computers.

The cover embedded above is by Ron Lesser, another of Rolle’s subjects. It comes from Pyramid Books’ 1962 edition of The Name Is Jordan, a collection of short stories featuring lawyer-detective Scott Jordan, written by Harold Q. Masur.

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