Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Proceed with Caution

UK comics expert and blogger Steve Holland is right in the midst of building up a gallery of covers for books by Peter Cheyney (1896-1951), “Britain's leading writer of hard-boiled fiction,” as The Thrilling Detective Web Site describes him. During the course of his writing career, Cheyney created two distinctive characters: private eye Slim Callaghan and machine-gun toting FBI agent Lemmy Caution.

Holland admits right up front that he’s no fan of the Caution novels, a series that commenced with This Man Is Dangerous (1936) and concluded with Callaghan (1973). He writes in his Bear Alley blog that “the best thing about the Lemmy Caution books are the covers they inspired”--and there are certainly some wonderful examples of those, which you can study for yourself here.

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Adrian said...

You can find very comprehensive galleries for Peter Cheyney: British, North American and many other countires at the Official Peter Cheyney Website, petercheyney.co.uk