Saturday, September 24, 2016

From Meeting Rooms to Bedrooms

I’m sorry to have neglected this page for most of September, but other editorial responsibilities have demanded extraordinary expenditures of my time. In addition, my mother-in-law passed away recently at age 86, and I was called on to help attend her in her final weeks and to later prepare various versions of her obituary. Then, of course, there was Bouchercon, the “World Mystery Convention,” which took place in New Orleans, Louisiana, this year and drew me from my writing desk for most of a week.

My hope is that I can soon return to blogging at Killer Covers. Meanwhile, though, and as something of a follow-up to my new two-part photo report on Bouchercon in The Rap Sheet (see here and here)—I offer, above, the cover from Convention Girl (Beacon), a 1959 paperback sleaze novel credited to one Rick Lucas, whose byline also appeared on such literary “gems” as Huckster’s Women (1954), Boss Lady (1954), and Dreamboat (1959).

Click here to see the back cover of Convention Girl, along with the original, regrettably uncredited cover painting.

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